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Betty Conroy has been teaching Understanding Anger in the Fraser Valley for 7 years and has used this experience and expertise to create a Workshop which helps to identify self-defeating learned behaviours that we use when coping with Anger.

A failure to recognize and understand one's anger can lead to a variety of personal difficulties: lost relationships, jobs, and even health. The workshop is designed to provide participants with tools that can be used to find a healthy way of understanding and expressing anger. Understanding anger can improve the quality of our relationships and our lives.

Workshops are currently held in New Westminster. These five evening workshops are run one evening a week for 4 weeks. Please contact us for more information.


The True Colors Assessment provides information on the different personality types and explains that each type is different from the others, with its own blend of preferences, strengths and challenges. Once we recognize that it is okay to be different, we can begin to allow others to be different as well as understanding our needs and the needs of others and learn how to communicate and belong.

True colors give us a foundation for understanding the “why” we are different and helping us understand that it is okay. It does not stop there. True Colors also provides us with information on how to communicate with other personality types, their strength and challenges and how they see the world. We all have all 4 of the personality styles, yet we have a preference for living in one or two styles more than the others and that is what makes us different.

An excellent tool for the journey into self discovery. These workshops are offered to suit your needs. Looking for a fun workshop for a group of friends, Need some team building in your organization? Contact us to book a True Colours Workshop.


Contact us for customized Self Defeating Behaviours & Belief Systems workshops.


Contact us for customized communication skills workshops.


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