Betty Conroy - Life Coach

“Life does not happen according to schedule”

Betty understands that support is often needed between sessions and offers a UNIQUE program working with you to provide ongoing telephone support WHEN you need it. This helps you move through the changes more quickly and with more confidence.

  • Learn to reach out in the moment when things are not going well.
  • Break the pattern and doing something different.
  • Know that there is a way for you to get support when you need it.



By consulting with a life coach, you can take the next step in discovering self. A Life Coaching Consultation will be approximately 1 hour & will consist of:

An introduction to the coach
A thorough discussion of who you are
An investigation about what you want from your life
A determination by you if you are ready to move forward
A discussion of available coaching packages

Life coaching packages are available for all paths - regardless of your situation. Life coaching cycles consist of 3 months or 12 sessions. For most packages a minimum of a 3-month commitment is required.


Sometimes we get to a place in our relationships where we feel stuck. Knowing that it isn’t working the way it is, but not sure why, or how to change it. Working with a life coach, you can discover the answer to the why and take the necessary steps to make change in your relationships. Learn how to communicate as a couple so that you are heard and understood, learn how to listen for understanding. Discover whether you can go forward into a healthier relationship or let go with love.


Single parent and blended families face many difficult issues in maintaining a healthy and happy home environment. Learning to understand and adapt to each other is sometime quite a challenge. A life coach can help your family move through difficult times and provide understanding and solutions to daily challenges.


See our workshops for a complete listing of group faciliation programs.

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