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Life Coaching is a journey of discovery of the fundamental truths in the core of each individual, leading to a lifetime of changes and happiness.

A life Coach is someone who has made the journey you are beginning -- someone who has learned from personal life experience how to identify those things that prevent happiness, and guide others to identify what really matters and achieve their own happiness.

Self-awareness is the key by which you can achieve the future you've always wanted but have never known how to unlock. Knowing yourself, means having confidence about your strengths; being honest about your limitations: and understanding that you are the foundation of your future.


Awareness of who you are and why you make the decisions you make is the single most important path to happiness you can find.

Achieve a level of self-awareness, which will enable you to make healthier decisions and to see them through with confidence and conviction. Know your personality type and how you “fit in”. Discover your values and how they impact your personal and professional relationships. Learn your preferred style of communication and how to identify and adjust to other’s styles.

I believe we all have the ability to transform our lives and improve the things that matter most. Knowing what they are is sometimes the challenge. I would consider it a privilege to support you on your journey of self discovery.

If you are motivated to learn new ways to enhance your personal life and relationships and are committed to making changes, please contact me for a life coaching consultation.


Betty Conroy is a respected professional with 25 years experience in the self-help industry. An experienced coach and workshop facilitator working with clients on a variety of topics. She focuses specifically on coaching as an intervention for promoting a happier lifestyle. Betty brings proven experience in individual and group counseling, coaching, workshop facilitation and recovery from substance abuse. Her training and experience include: a Counselling Certificate, Substance Abuse Training, Conflict Resolution and Satir Family Therapy Certification, True Colors Certification, CRG Assessment Training and Business Administration Certification.

Betty Conroy is also an Anger Management Specialist with fifteen years proven experience with individuals, couples, families and groups and will provide timely and affordable support.

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